SOILSPEC4GG November 2021 Updates

Dear spectroscopy friends,

This project has been slowly building steam over one year of pandemic forced remote meetings and we’re really hoping that we can start getting people together at some point in 2022. Travel restrictions to the US were just eased this week. Let’s hope for continued improvement in all nations. We have a few updates to share with the network.

First, we’re working hard on the Open Soil Spectroscopy Library (OSSL) Explorer and hope to have it ready to share soon. The featured image of this post gives a taste of what the interface will look like.

Second, we’re finally ready to move forward with a soil spectroscopy ring trial / proficiency test. My lab is currently making care packages of 70 samples (60 from the KSSL and 10 from the NAPT program) that will be sent around to spectroscopy labs.

 The goal is to better understand the lab-to-lab variability in soil spectroscopy and to learn how to overcome this variability when building predictive models. These samples can then form the basis of building calibration transfer models with the USDA NRCS KSSL soil spectral library.

More details and how to apply for the ring trial can be found in this document: spectroscopy ring trial. In that document, there is a form ( that needs to be filled out to apply for the ring trial as the number of packages that can be sent around is limited.

Third, as part of the development of the OSSL we need to get a better handle on how laboratories set up their instruments and prep samples for spectral analysis. Can you please spare 5-10 minutes and fill out this form: This information will help us decide what instrument settings are most important for interpreting results from the ring trial and deciding what metadata to collect for optimal predictions in the OSSL. We will share aggregated results with the entire network. 

Best wishes,

The SoilSpec4GG Team

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Jonathan Sanderman

Jonathan Sanderman

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